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‘I will choose a boy for me’

Name : Parineeti Chopra

Designation : Bollywood Actress
Parineeti Chopra prefers making her own pick – be it a T-shirt or a boy. TWF correspondent Sreya Basu chats up with the funky actress in Mumbai on love, marriage and live-in relationship


What is your take on marriages?

People living outside India believe our’s is a land of arranged marriages. For them, India is a backward, small town wala desh when it comes to love and marriage. They think we are people who are restricted by our thoughts and families. But actually it is not so. Most of us go out and find our boyfriends and girlfriends and get married to people whom we choose. And even parents have become cool with that. We are trying to convey this through our film Shuddh Desi Romance. All three of us (Parineeti, Sushant Singh Rajput and Vaani Kapoor) go for the partners we choose for ourselves and then accept that we are confused.� Sushant’s character (Raghu) is confused between my character (Gayatri) and Vaani’s character (Tara).

Will you go for the boy your mother chooses for you?


Now-a-days if my mom (Reena Chopra) chooses a T-shirt for me, I hate it. So I don’t think I will let her choose a boy for me. I would prefer to choose a boy for me because I will be the only one who will have to live with him all my life.

What do you think of live-in relationships?

Live-in relationship is based on respective perceptions. Say, if I am seeing somebody and come back home at 11 pm, get to see him at 11.30 pm for the first time in the day and then go for a drive with him at Marine Drive and be with him till 4 am and come back home and sleep at 5 o’clock, people won’t call that a live-in relationship. But if I sit at his house and may be go to sleep, may be because I am so tired, … just because we are sleeping on the same bed under the same roof, people will call that a live-in relationship. We perceive it as per our convenience and that’s wrong.��

Parents put a time limit on their daughter’s outings even today. Does that ensure the girl’s safety?

Many parents are still under this perception that if the girl is meeting the boy at 11 pm, she has gone out of hand. But if she is meeting him over lunch, that’s safe. My question to such parents is: “How will you know what your daughter is doing during lunchtime?” It’s ridiculous.

The society still looks down upon a girl who has pre-marital sex. Comment.

I think it’s very disrespectful to point fingers at a girl. When there is sex or a kiss or a hug, there are two people involved, not just the girl.

What is your take on extra-marital affairs?

Extra-marital affair is something to do with fidelity and loyalty, which I just cannot accept.� It is absolutely disloyal, disrespectful and unfair to your spouse.�

How comfortable are you with intimate scenes on screen?

When I like a script, it means I like all the elements in the script … that means I have accepted the script even if it has a love-making scene or a kissing scene or a bikini scene. If I say, I have liked the script sans a particular scene, it means I did not like the script.� My funda is clear. I like the script, I will do the film; if I don’t like the script, won’t do it.